FIRST Access Lego Robotics in Alamo Dome

2021 FIRST Access Lego Robotics build season at Allen ISD STEAM Center. FIRST Access Lego Robotics in Allen ISD is a Unified Team Sport that pairs Allen ISD Students with their intellectually impaired peers to build a robot for a Sumo competition!

The final rounds from the 2021 FIRST Access Lego Robotics Competition at Allen ISD STEAM Center Nov. 6th


“FIRST Access Lego Robotics is a student implemented program and the first of its kind to bring the world of STEM and robotics to high-school students with special needs. Open to students with a variety of learning challenges, the six-week afterschool program is an inclusive, friendly, hands-on way to introduce students to robotics, programming, and engineering.” – FIRST®


Contact us to learn how you can get involved in the AHS FIRST Access Robotics program.