Our Team

In September 2014, FRC Team 5417 was formed at Allen High School in Allen, TX. Veteran mentors Greg Burnham, Nathan Huntoon, Anthony and Gina Myers joined to form the team’s backbone in cooperation with sponsors: Texas Instruments, Allen High School, and Texas Workforce Commission. Initially known as A-Team Robotics, our team began with only 15 students. Our team has grown in many ways since being founded in 2014. We started with 15 student members, one of which was female. Now, we have expanded to 52 student members, out of which 16 are female. Our team has grown due to participation at various community outreach events and increased recruiting efforts at elementary and middle schools. Additionally, our student leadership started off as 17% female and has now grown to 85.7%, which has created a more well-rounded approach to team design and interactions. Our mentors have also increased from nine to 14 since our first year. In the interest of growing and sustaining the team, our continued success inspired Allen ISD to increase their funding of the team’s expenses. Their additional support makes it possible to include a larger number of students. Over the last three years we have improved our recruiting methods substantially, increasing our community involvement and brand awareness.