FTC Mentorship

FTC Mentorship

After realizing how difficult it can be to enter robotics— a technically challenging field— Eagle Robotics has started four FIRST Tech Challenge teams and organized a mentorship program for them in conjunction with a local school, the Lowery Freshman Center. As part of our efforts, we have also organized a mentorship program for the teams, which impacts students by focusing on three aspects of the robotics experience: technical fluency, critical thinking, and community engagement. We started our program in 2018 and have since impacted over 200 students.

FRC 2023 World Championship Presentation


For assistance with creating a program please contact us at team5417@gmail.com.

Join our Mentorship in FIRST server! This server is a community space to aid in the creation and development of mentorship programs across FIRST. Here, all teams can connect and collaborate with each other to help interested teams grow sustainable and impactful mentorship programs. This is a professional space that serves as a hub for innovation, collaboration, and expansion. Join here: https://discord.gg/d2SXsbRE

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